Sunday, November 21, 2010

UW Game

So Dan and I got to go to a University of Washington Football Game with some of Dan's family! Dan's brother-in-law actually use to play for UW (back when they won the National Championship) and got us some tickets. The team sadly did not so much play like champions that night but despite that and the rain, we had a great time

Here we have Jill and Bart and Holdie Bear! He's the cutest! Watch him figure out the binoculars in these next pictures.

Yes! He was looking through them backwards for the longest time, I think he has them right in this picture but it was so funny!
Oh I'm so funny!


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am so happy for the updates and the fulfilled promise! Looks like fun! Maybe one day we will live by you!

  2. Woo Woo! Do I believe my eyes?! I clicked on your blog link on Sunday. Nope. I accidentally clicked on Monday. What?! So excited to know that you are happy and I love the pictures of you and Dan and your adventures. You are wonderful H-Sue and I love ya!