Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Educate me...

So....I'm challenged and I don't know how to add friends and family to the side of my blog so that I can just click on your links and go straight to your blogs. How did the ones that are there get there in the first place you ask? Haven't the foggiest. Yes, I did put them there. No, I don't remember how I did it. It was like a year ago guys. But if I didn't have to go digging through three different blogs and facebook to get to friends blogs that would be wonderful. So, if anyone would care to enlighten me, I would be much obliged ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

UW Game

So Dan and I got to go to a University of Washington Football Game with some of Dan's family! Dan's brother-in-law actually use to play for UW (back when they won the National Championship) and got us some tickets. The team sadly did not so much play like champions that night but despite that and the rain, we had a great time

Here we have Jill and Bart and Holdie Bear! He's the cutest! Watch him figure out the binoculars in these next pictures.

Yes! He was looking through them backwards for the longest time, I think he has them right in this picture but it was so funny!
Oh I'm so funny!

As promised....

This is for my like 3 friends who actually care about and read/look at my blog. You have been complaining...I have been making empty promises...but no more. Here is an update on the goings on of the last couple of months. How about we start with Halloween eh? We had some fun.

Here we have Dan's skeleton man pumpkin and Hannah's vomiting pumpkin ;)

This is my owl pumpkin
Here we have Alice, The CanCan Dancer, and Indian Chief Holden

I had to show a better picture of Hannah's pumpkin. This was all her idea! The mice are eating it haha! A little gross but you must admit, it's creative

For the ward Halloween party, for those of you who aren't quite sure, Dan and I were Tigger and Eeyore. We had a small discussion over who would be Tigger, which Dan won. I guess either costume would have been just as big on me though! They were for like a 6ft tall 300 lb football player, which is a hilarious visual image in and of itself, but they were HUGE! All the little kids thought we were pretty cool though. Thanks to Tom and Debbi for letting us borrow them.