Friday, April 16, 2010

Kauai March 2010

View from our hotel room

So we got to eat at the Beach House with Dan's parent's and they have these amazing oil paintings all over and I want one so badly...these pictures don't really do them justice

Hanalei Bay! We learned how to paddle board (aka paddle surfing) here which we have no pictures of...cause we were both paddle boarding...?

This is our dream house we went and looked at with Tom and Debi

This is me and Dan's Mom Debi
We went for a wonderful bike ride along the coast.


  1. Hey Heath! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I am so jealous! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. you are so lucky heather! looks beautiful in hawaii! brett and i want to go in december, you'll have to recommend places to go! btw it was AMAZING to see you at becky's wedding

  3. Yea for blogging- You look like you're doing so well and you're happy! I agree with Angela that it was wonderful to see you earlier this summer! Hopefully we can get together again soon!